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Coinciding points of Schubert and Sevki Bey

Acikgazete.com / Pazartesi Yazıları, İsmail Bayer, 13.04.2016

ISMAIL BAYER" – Franz Schubert is a composer who lived in Vienna in the 19th century. Sevki Bey used to live in the same century in Fatih. Different countries, different cultures, different music styles. However - there are numerous confluences, love and music figuring the most prominently.

Atilla Aldemir - I got to know him with his violin for the first time coincidentally at an event in Düsseldorf. They were like lovers. He had a classical music education and made his name in Europe. So many competitions, awards, and concerts with various orchestras, in various cities and towns. A line between Istanbul and Berlin.

He is assistant principal of the violas in Konzerthaus Orchestra since 2013. In this concert, he has a different function. As soloist, he alternates between Schubert and Şevki Bey. He is in connection with cities, countries, historical periods and musical styles. Resonances coming from the historical depths of the city (Istanbul) where he was born and raised, resonances he carries to his life and classical career in Europe. It is a pure love, a simple enthusiasm he conveys to the audiences. Sometimes he becomes Schubert and sometimes Şevki Bey – as we shared his love with his work. 

Schubert & Şevki Bey Live Concert (Short Version)

Schubert & Şevki Bey Live Concert